Free job training helps the candidates to develop skills and capabilities which the employer may require for a specific job. You do not know whether your skills are what employer is looking for. For this purpose, employers held programs of free job training for the unemployed which help to gain specific skills and knowledge related […]

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Morocco’s sectoral programs for Energy Efficiency discussed in an assembly in Casablanca

The second edition of the Energy Efficiency meetings was held in Casablanca. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss and outline the regulatory aspect of the sectoral programs which is very important to support the realization of the contracts that are ready and just waiting for the approval of the Moroccan government which is […]

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Western Sahara

Top most non profit organizations in the world

Non profit organizations are those organizations which work for the welfare of the people. Their objective is not to gain profit. Millions of nonprofit organizations operate in the world. These nonprofit organizations promote the social equality among people. They focus on the reduction of poverty and prosperity of the poor people. They work for the […]

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How to look for good charities to donate to.

Donating money and time is very important for many people. Supporting the charity is the rewarding back to the community or aid someone who is in need. There are many charities who support many people in need. Finding the right charity is the task. Seek the charities hat are reputable and will spend your money […]

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